Friday, 29 July 2016

Chapter 153: A tease of pictures and a pat on the... Ssshhh!

Presenting a tease of images from our circus cabaret at Postcards Festival, Jacksons Lane (click here) and a pat on the ... Ssshhh! 
Photo credits: Shauna Summers (Instagram: @shaunasummers_)

Huge 👏🏼 to @seankempton @MrDannyAsh @Michaelaoconno6
 @MollyOrangeST @brettrosengreen @Red_Sarah @HamishTj et al in @Lucylovescircus' #ssshhh!
The Circus Diaries @CircusDiaries

went to @jacksons_lane last night to see @Lucylovescircus #Ssshhh absolutely insane evening def want to see more!!!
Fran Kate @frannerkate

What wonderfully skilled and weird acts last night @jacksons_lane during #Ssshhh curated by @Lucylovescircus for #Postcards16.
Two Tongue Theatre @2tonguetheatre

Adoré el espectáculo!!!
Maria Helena Doering @mahelenadoering

So much fun @jacksons_lane last night seeing #Ssshhh. Well done @Lucylovescircus on getting such a multi-talented bunch together. BRAVO all!
Leonor Lemee @LeonorLemee

I've totally fallen in love with this cast and @Lucylovescircus #nicestpersonIknow
                                         Michaela O'Connor @michaelaoconno6 

Happy families! Stunning premier of Ssshhh Cabaret 2 a sold out @jacksons_lane's #postcardsfestival crowd!
Danny Ash @MrDannyAsh

Thank you @jacksons_lane for another great night. Congratulations @Lucylovescircus for getting together such a fab group of performers!
Lumo Company @lumocompany

Thanks for everything! #Ssshhh #Postcards16🎪🎪
Jacksons Lane @jacksons_lane

If the quality of this evening @jacksons_lane #PostcardsFestival is anything to go by, bloggers should curate events way more often #Shhh
Katharine Kavanagh @TheCircusDiaries

I asked for an ensemble piece and you delivered a show!
Adrian Berry, Artistic Director at Jacksons Lane 


Ssshhhout out!
Physical comedy by Danny Ash
High energy, playful trapeze by Michaela O'Connor
1920s inspired musical saw by Lucy Frost aka Molly Orange
Enticing neo-burlesque by Esquire de Lune aka Brett Rosengreen
Blindfolded fire act by Red Sarah
Haunting aerial pole by Cheryl Teagann
Aerial rope and kettelebell juggling by Hamish Tjeong
Mesmerising club juggling by Onni Toivonen
Host for the evening Cirque de Soleil lead clown Sean Kempton

Click on the performer name to visit their site. 

POSTCARDS FESTIVAL 2017: a whole new Shhh! returns to Jacksons Lane on 29 July 2017
Book tickets here:

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