Thursday, 13 August 2015

Chapter 98: Circus Girls Update

Lots has of buzz in the world of Circus Girls. This week further interest generated by a wonderful trailer which I've been sent courtesy of Channel 4. 

Alternatively click on the link here:  Trailer for Channel 4's Circus Girls

Circus Girls also features on the front page of Cooler Lifestyle - the online sports and recreation periodical, where they highlight the real insight the documentaries give into an alternative lifestyle , and flag the involvement of a female director of photography Shiraz Ksaiba, as well, on the project:  

Here's a recap:

Angelica Thistel Klüft - Straps
Imogen Rose Macrae - Cloud Swing
Lynn Scott - Contact Juggling
Le Renn: Jackie Le and Rebecca Rennison - Aerial Hoop Duo
Missy Macabre - Fire-Eating
Lily Raptor - Contortion 

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